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Chibi Death Threats Stopped

“A Poor Return on Investment?”


Thanksgiving:  Imagine Zero.

The Lolo hear His “still, small voice”

Homeward Bound – To Mozambique!

Trail’s End – A Tribute

Dancing with Gypsies

From Nigeria to Brazil?

A man in a tree

Spring is coming.


One thousand gifts

Some things are funnier in your own language.


Giving Back

Marred Canvases


Peace, Hope, Joy

Everyone’s home!

Letters from Jail

Once Upon an October

When Helping Isn’t Helping

Does this have my name on it?

Letting Go

Hobbits and Orcs

News from Nigeria

Works of Art – updates on Hannah and life

Sena NT dedicated after 20 years!

Walking on Water – Hannah’s story, part 2

Be very glad.  There is great joy ahead.

Listeners Like You

It’s Complicated…


And the Word became Flesh…

True joy

True confessions

“I surrender all”

OOOH! My language is good!”

Are you going through a time of discouragement?

“Slow your driver down before he kills you!”

“Grammy” is going to Nigeria!

“Why I am fully involved in the Bible Translation work” from Rakaai team

Hannah’s Story

Disappointment … and Hope

A Journey into Derek’s World

“I am just filled with great joy!” Five Epistles in “Rakaai” Launched in Trial Form

71 Killed in Bomb Blast at a Bus Stop in Abuja

Nzanyi Luke going viral on cell phones

“I want to know your God!”

When the Past is Still Present


A year-end newsletter for the rest of us…

Merry Christmas!

An Epistle for the Persecuted Church in Nigeria

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Open Door for Barb!

Thank you! from two Nigerian languages

Endurance needed

The Spirit helps us…

The Discourager Foiled!

The Discourager

Nzanyi New Testament project launched!

Grandma, Linguist or Both?

the Jesus Film in Nzanyi

Audio recording of Nzanyi Luke in progress now!

Hunger for the Gospel of Luke!

Somewhere over the Atlantic

One Little Vowel newsletter May 2013


Let’s Finish It!

You’re part of God’s resistance movement!

Christmas meditation: Satan shows up whenever something new is being born

Advent Greetings – Derek’s turn

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

60-second Prayer Update

Good News! about Michael

Urgent Prayer Needed for Michael

Morning Coffee Interrupted (from the hospitall)

Michael’s Here!

60-second prayer update (waiting for Michael)

Morning Coffee with Barb -Day 11 -An Indescribable Gift

Morning Coffee with Barb – Day 10 – God is our Source

Morning Coffee with Barb – Day 9 – Is it okay?

October Prayer Update – Eagerly awaiting two births

Morning Coffee with Barb – Day 8 – But what about my kids?

Morning Coffee with Barb – Day 7 – Fear of Failure

Morning Coffee with Barb – Day 6 – Life isn’t safe

Morning Coffee with Barb – Day 5 – Feelings of inadequacy

Morning Coffee with Barb – Day 4 – I’m not worthy #2

Morning Coffee with Barb – Day 3 – I’m not worthy #1

Morning Coffee with Barb – Day 2 – Plant and Reap

Morning Coffee with Barb – Day 1 – So What’s Holding You Back?


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