A Breakthrough Translation Tool for Oral Cultures Being Used in Brazil

chibi_2013_07The Calon people in Brazil are descendants of gypsies who immigrated from Europe beginning in the 16th century to escape the Inquisition.  There are only 300 believers among them, and they live in fear of spirits and superstition.  They isolate themselves from Brazilian society, and refrain from sending their children to school to guard against outside influences. Even their language, Chibi, is to be kept secret, and there is great resistance to writing it down.

Last year a group of Chibi speakers became the first to attend training in how to use Render, a new software tool for doing oral translation developed through a partnership between The Seed Company, Faith Comes By Hearing, and Pioneer Bible Translators.  They have been making great progress since then, working entirely orally, with no written text.

Unfortunately, the translation consultant who has been working with the Chibi team is no longer available, and John has been asked to make a trip to Brazil to meet the team and consider becoming the translation consultant for the project.  He will be gone July 1-7, and would appreciate your prayers as he comes up to speed on a totally new way of doing translation and translation checking.

Click here for a one-minute video on how Render works – it was made in Nigeria and a number of those faces are dear to us!

According to translator Joaquim, “This is the life of Chibi people. Sometimes they’re at peace, but before long they’re in conflict again. There is a lot of fighting.” But he goes on to say that when they hold worship services, the people are calm. They respect God’s Word. And the translators are well received. Joaquim prays Gospel truth will transform this community.

Thank you for following us on our journeys, both spiritual and geographic, and for making a difference in a new people group, on a new continent. You are a huge blessing.


About Barb Heins

I'm with The Seed Company, an affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators, working to speed Bible translation in Nigeria and throughout Africa. I'm also wife to John, mom to Derek and Hannah, grandma to Michael and under renovation at Renovatus Church in Charlotte, NC.
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